Lake Glendora Capture Net 6
Lake Glendora Capture Net 6

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Lake Glendora Capture Net 6
Lake Glendora Capture Net 6

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Barrier1™ Systems, Inc. specializes in designing and fabricating custom robust net solutions with unique characteristics and capabilities. This includes:

  • High strength, lightweight nets exceeding 2.0 million lbs. tension force

  • Pliable, soft nets that bend and deflect

  • Configurations in specialized grid patterns

  • Custom lengths and heights

  • Specialized end connections and actuators

  • Shock absorbing connections allowing net to “give” upon impact

  • Saltwater net systems that remain submerged without concern

Each application has unique requirements. Barrier1™ Systems develops the mechanisms and structures in conjunction with the net to meet these requirements. Our project work has included:


  • Nets with energy absorbing shocks that catch vehicles falling in midair to provide a “softer landing”

  • Pliable, soft catch nets with energy absorption that catch persons falling

  • High abrasion resistant nets with covers

  • Submerged saltwater nets that arrest marine vessels, where net is immediately raised and lowered across waterways

  • Robust nets that have been designed for protection against projectiles

  • Above-ground nets that arrest runaway trucks at the end of ramps

  • Horizontal nets to catch falling rock on mountain sides

  • Robust nets that arrest airplanes


Barrier1™ Systems provides engineering, drawings, calculations and testing associated with each robust net application. Laboratory testing of system components is also provided. Extensive data and experience from past projects allow us to develop unique solutions efficiently and cost effectively. Custom engineered robust nets are fabricated and assembled at Barrier1™ Systems’ facilities, which are equipped with machinery, tools, and manpower. Barrier1™ Systems will provide a robust engineered net solution that meets your needs and requirements. 

Robust Engineered Nets 

Catch Nets 

Barrier1™ provides specialized catch nets that arrest falling objects according to their weight, size and impact velocity. Catch nets can be customized with shock absorbers so that the falling objects have a “softer stop” upon impact. Pliable cables are fabricated in a grid pattern, length, and width that meet the Customer’s application and requirements. In addition to the robust nets: supporting steel brackets, structural frames, and connections are designed and provided by Barrier1™ Systems. Systems are all-weather use and require minimal to no maintenance.

Falling automobiles, persons, boulders, rocks, and other objects are common applications for our catch nets. Attachment of the catch nets to buildings, foundations, or structures by Barrier1™ Systems include specialized connections and mechanisms which allow for efficient installation and maintenance of the systems. Detailed drawings, calculations, and configuration of catch nets are provided.


Marine Vessel Arresting Nets

Barrier1™ Systems provides robust nets that control access across waterways. Our marine vessel arresting nets are immediately raised and lowered across a waterway to allow or deny access. No other waterway barrier system provides immediate access control. Net spans up to 300 feet have been fabricated and installed across a waterway. The marine vessel arresting net is raised or lowered in about 10 seconds. Wireless remote controllers can be provided to raise and lower the net from over 1000 feet away. Site specific requirements at each location are evaluated which include stopping capability, water depth, tidal influence, net span length, and devices to raise/lower the net. Nets and system components are all weather use, and net system can remain submerged in saltwater without concern.

In addition to waterway access control, Barrier1™ Systems has designed and fabricated underwater marine vessel arresting nets with shock absorbing systems, which provide a “softer stop” upon impact. As impact occurs, the submerged net “gives” and absorbs energy while providing massive stopping capability. Barrier1™ Systems provides the analyses, calculations, design, and drawings to meet the specific needs and requirements of the Customer.

Vehicle & Airplane Arresting Nets

Barrier1™ Systems provides robust nets that arrest massive vehicle and airplane impacts. High strength cables are connected in a specialized grid pattern, and attached to structural end supports to provide massive stopping power needed. Site specific requirements are met. For example, a robust airplane arresting net was provided with a span length of over 200 feet that deploys in 3 seconds across an airplane taxiway. Other applications have included 80 foot wide nets that deploy in 2 seconds from below the pavement, and stop a 15,000 lbs. vehicle at 53 mph impact. Portable airplane arresting nets that deploy across a remote runway using wireless controls have been designed for special operations. Another application involved stopping airplane strikes using robust nets at heights of 60 feet to protect critical buildings and infrastructure. Steel end support structures in concrete foundations support these robust nets.

Barrier1™ Systems will provide robust engineered nets that stop vehicle and airplane impacts, and meet the specialized needs and requirements of the Customer. Our high strength, lightweight net designs, in conjunction with structural supports and actuating devices, will meet you need. Design, engineering, calculations, drawings, fabrication, and testing are provided by Barrier1™ Systems.


Projectile Protection Nets

Barrier1™ Systems has extensive experience providing unique Projectile Arresting Nets that protect critical equipment, buildings, access openings, infrastructure, and other facilities from projectiles. Our Projectile Arresting Nets are robust solutions designed to stop massive impacts from airborne automobiles, steel pipes, wooden beams, steel spheres, tornado projectiles, hurricane projectiles, and other projectiles or missiles. Arresting nets are fabricated to arrest many different sizes and types of projectiles based on the requirement. Requirements have included:

  • One person being able to manually open and close the projectile arresting net

  • No actuators, electronics, or backup power

  • Light weight – under 600 lbs

  • Extensive lengths and widths

  • Modular prefabricated components easily attached or detached

  • Specialized connections and support structures

  • Stopping projectiles with 2+ million foot-lbs. of kinetic energy


Barrier1™ Systems offers turnkey engineering, calculations, specialized projectile impact testing (Video), laboratory & materials testing, fabrication, and installation. Barrier1™ Systems has provided projectile arresting nets and associated work throughout the US, in Canada, and Japan.



Engineering and design of our robust nets is completed by Barrier1™ Systems. Site specific requirements are considered upfront during the preliminary design phase. Extensive calculations are completed based on the object’s weight, size, impact angles, material type, and impact velocity. Support structures, reinforced concrete foundations, connections, actuating devices and installation are also analyzed as part of the engineering design. Dimensions of the robust net and configuration of its grid pattern are also evaluated. Where applicable, operating devices, systems, and controls are designed.

During the preliminary design phase, multiple persons at Barrier1™ Systems review the requirements and system design. Multiple group discussions and reviews help to optimize the design. Physical testing of systems and components are completed as needed. Laboratory test data provides properties of key components and connections. Design, drawings and calculations are sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer (PE).


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